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How Things Work

What To Expect

Thinking about stopping by? Here are a few things we thought it might help you to know.
Open Minds, Open Doors

We Are an Inclusive & Welcoming Community

Our doors are open to all! St. Stephen’s Cathedral members and friends come from different traditions of faith. Regardless of your background, spiritual beliefs, cultural background, sexual orientation, or employment status, we celebrate you and you are invited here!

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral is a community exploring what faith and spirituality mean for us, as individuals and as a community. We keep open minds and respect one another for the different places on the journey we find ourselves. We consider ourselves followers of Jesus in the Episcopal tradition, but we also live with a deep awareness that we do not have all the answers. In the St. Stephens community, you won’t be asked to check your questions, doubts, or brain at the door.

Faith-Filled Times

Choosing a Service

We offer a variety of opportunities to join us every week. Services are Saturday at 5:00pm, Sunday at 8:00am and Sunday at 10:15am All services are friendly, casual and opportunities to find a warm welcome.

Our 5:00 p.m. service on Saturday offers a variety of worship experiences.  The First Saturday of the month we use Rite I liturgy, the second week is our Celtic Eucharist featuring Seasons, the third and fourth week we use Rite II liturgy and in months with a fifth Saturday, we have a family service, however, all are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Join us after worship on Sunday for coffee hour (or lemonade hour in the summer) immediately following the 10:15am service.

Beautiful Rituals

What Happens?

When you arrive, someone will offer you a bulletin. Choose a seat where you feel comfortable and relax. Th bulletin offers a guide to the service and perhaps some additional information about what is going on within the church. In the pew of your choosing, you will also find the Book of Common Prayer and a hymnal. Both of these will be used throughout the service.

Services are comprised of some singing, some listening, reflection, and some prayer. There are some beautiful rituals (including the Eucharist, also known as Communion). We hope you will find these rituals meaningful. It is completely up to you if you take part or simply observe.

A Growing Community

Beginners Are Welcome

Although it may seem that way, not everyone knows exactly what to say and when to say it. We all started out as beginners, and we are happy to stumble through our services together.

We are more ‘real’ than ‘perfect,’ and we suspect you’d prefer that anyway.

Children & Youth

Babies, children and families of all varieties are welcome at every service. We have programs many Sundays for children & youth during the school year. If you are worried that your children will be too noisy, don’t! We love the sound of children among us.

Young Adults at St. Stephens’s (Y.A.S.S.)

St. Stephen’s has an active and growing group of young adults. Our young adults group meets regularly for a variety of activities and events in church and around the city. Visit our Young Adults Facebook Group to learn more.

Adult Formation

St. Stephen’s has a strong and active community/congregation of adults, who meet regularly, both in and outside of the church. Our Adult Formation provides structure and resources that can help adults continue learning and growing on their journey of faith as well as provide sources for those looking to lead our future generations.

Finding Common Grounds

Coffee Hour

Join us after worship on Sunday for coffee hour (or lemonade hour in the summer) immediately following the 10:15am service.
Finding Your Way

Where to Park

Street Parking

Parking is available on Pine Street, Second Street and Locust Street (north of River Street only).  Between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm on Monday through Saturday, payment for parking is required. Payment is made by entering your license plate number at one of the nearby pay stations — quarters and credit cards are accepted. You can also pay by using the Parkmobile app on your smartphone. Visit for more details.

On Saturdays, you can get four hours of free parking by using the promo code “LUVHBG” in the Parkmobile app.

Street parking is free on Sundays and major holidays.

City Garage at Second Street

Garage parking may be economical for longer visits — the city garage is accessible from Second Street between Locust and Pine. Rates are posted at the entrance to the garage.

Free Garage Parking – Sundays and Special Events

St. Stephen’s has access to a garage located next to the Cathedral on Sundays and for special events. The garage entrance is on River Street between Locust and Cranberry. A volunteer parking attendant will be on hand for you to open the gate and provide exit instructions.

PA Bar Association Parking Lot – Evenings and Sundays

After 6:00pm, you may park in the PA Bar Association parking lot if you are visiting St. Stephen’s. This lot is located next to the Cathedral, at the intersection of River Street and Cranberry Street. The lot is also available on Sundays for visits to St. Stephen’s.

Storm Safety

Inclement Weather Notices

The safety of our community is very important to us. St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral will cancel worship services and other programs / meetings whenever we judge that the weather conditions make travel too dangerous. Any cancellations, closures or schedule changes due to inclement weather or other hazardous events will be posted on the homepage as an informational bar.

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