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Standing Together

Adult Formation

Adults are the backbone of our congregation and we strive to provide an environment where your faith can continue to grow and thrive.

Generations of Grace

Adult Formation at SSEC

St. Stephen’s has a strong and active community/congregation of adults, who meet regularly, both in and outside of the church. Our Adult Formation provides structure and resources that can help adults continue learning and growing on their journey of faith as well as provide sources for those looking to lead our future generations.

Twice a month, adults meet at Adult Forum to discuss current events, topics, and theology.  Currently, this group is meeting via Zoom.  Announcements of topics can be found in our weekly e-newsletter.

Grown by God


Adults in our congregation help lead our young adults, youth, and children. Much like our young adults they meet for a variety of events and service opportunities both in and outside of the church that change the way our city interacts with each other.

A Welcome Change

Young Adults

St. Stephen’s has an active and growing group of young adults. Our young adults group meets regularly for a variety of activities and events in church and around the city: movies, game nights, outdoor hikes, service projects and Bible studies, and even Theology on Tap.

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