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Capital Campaign

Deep Roots,  New Life Campaign

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Sanctuary Renewal

  • Marshall & Ogletree instrument to provide the best musical accompaniment for our services is on order.
  • To welcome all to our worship and sacraments accessibility adjustments to our physical space are required.

The center of the St. Stephen’s community is our beautiful worship where our lives are nourished and sustained. It is in our worship that our celebration of God’s gifts begins. The table demonstrates the community’s priorities. We give thanks for the gifts God has given us and we work to make those gifts fruitful. The symbols are clear, the bread and wine are shared as generously as possible, and everyone is welcome at the table.


Twenty years ago, St Stephen’s launched a plan to fund building improvements to support our commitment to our school. You responded very generously in the time of challenge. Ten years ago, St. Stephen’s launched a second plan to address many safety and security issues, the most significant being the repair of the brick sidewalk outside the Cathedral’s doors that welcomes one and all to worship, and again, you responded generously.

It is now time for us to turn our attention to our worship space and community life.

See detailed information about our campaign by clicking on the links below:

A Statement of the Case for the Campaign

Our Feasibility Report for the Campaign

A view of the Organ Console Built for St. Stephen’s

A sketch of the Renewed Chancel